Candace 18; Everyone Stands Together.

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I’ve always been told not to give in to peer pressure but I’ve never been told not to pressure my peers and I think that shows how dysfunctional society is

real life plot hole found

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  • Parents: you can be anything you want
  • Parents: no not that

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I hate when I smile at a stranger and they don’t smile back I’m doing this for you fucker

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  • me: goodnight moon
  • moon: goodnight lil bitch

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when you swim in the sea, you kick your feet up and trust the water to hold you up, and you float, if you let go, you do
the universe is the same, just relax, trust her, throw back your head and float on life through her waves, trust in the universe and she will love you back, she will hold you up

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where is african america?

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I’ve literally been laughing at this for the past five minutes


"we can get mcdonalds on the way home"


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*pets your grunge*

wow, its so soft

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